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1.1.10 Released

Thurs May 13, 2004

This release fixes another security hole, also reported on Bugtraq (is there really anyone who uses this software, apart from for the purpose of pointing and laughing at me?). Available on the release page.

In case you haven't picked up on it, this is UNMAINTAINED SOFTWARE. Take it, use it, abuse it, play with it, but don't come crying to me.

What is it?

Surfboard is a trivial web server, written by Meredydd Luff. It's free (released under the GNU General Public Licence -, see COPYING.txt). It's not really industrial strength, so if you want a web server that will do everything, my advice is to make a beeline for for the Apache web server. However, if you want a small, reasonably flexible web server, you might as well give it a try. The download won't be much (it's only one C file!), and it is very reliable at what it does


The original Surfboard (v0.5x) was a (very) simple and kludgily written web server. It was basically me playing with network programming. However, it has been completely rewritten as of version 0.8. Take a peek at the releases section for a full history and changelog.

Old news

1.1.8 Released

Thurs April 12, 2001

Nothing huge here, just minor improvements. I'm laying the foundations for HTTP POST support, so unless there's an urgent bugfix I need to do, the next release will be the biggie - POST support! Because of the need to implement miscellaneous headers to make POST work, authentication should start working then too, but no promises...

Uploading complete!

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have finally got the entire site uploaded to sourceforge. Enjoy!

First CGI beta release (1.1.0)

I now have nearly complete CGI 1.1 compliance. The bad bit? I've still got quite a few unset variables to deal with. This site is currently running it, as it seems quite bug-free...we'll see about that. Sooner than I'd like, most probably... See the releases section.

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